Misti & Angel

Desert Elopement

November 2020


A late-Autumn storm was rolling into the Utah desert, the kind of weather where some couples would be inclined to opt for an indoor elopement ceremony. Thankfully, this couple would not be deterred and went on with their intimate elopement that started in Arches National Park and ended with private vows in Dead Horse State Park. Misti and Angel embraced the windy day in the desert, and it was nothing short of magical!

The couple shared, “There was this ultimate feeling of setting out on some grand adventure together. We were excited to be married, and in the grandness of the desert with our decision to elope, it felt as if we were setting out to enter this sacred union and conquer the world together.”


Misti and Angel had originally planned a traditional wedding in their home state of Georgia. But as we all know 2020 was a great year of uncertainty for so many. Planning a wedding during this time was especially tricky; so after many late-night discussions they chose to shift to having an intimate elopement ceremony with just the two of them. 

“It turned out to be exactly what we wanted. Part of us always wanted to elope. We were able to blot out distractions and superficial details. We were able to focus on what was the most important thing to us. Marrying each other. In our first cross-country trip together, we set out on the greatest adventure of our lives so far. We found an intimate spirituality in Moab, and we believe that our decision was exactly what needed to happen.” - Misti & Angel


Heading Out West

To make their new plan a reality they connected with Haley Nord Photography. I am speaking from experience when I say she is pivotal in planning a destination elopement and assists her couples so that their vision can be brought to life. That's right, she provides so much more than awe-inspiring photos, she provides an experience.


Haley gave the couple my information as a possible referral to officiate, and from the first email that Misti sent, I knew that we would all be working together.


Much like when you meet your soulmate; there are certain people you come across, almost randomly on this journey through life, when you just KNOW there is a connection that already exists and you have finally found each other!

After several meetings, the three of us felt like we had been friends forever. I created a ceremony that was both spiritual and traditional for Misti and Angel. Instead of telling you about it, I have decided to share a couple of my favorite moments from their ceremony. 

Buddhist spiritual leader, Dalai Lama: "Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. And that a loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. Be gentle with the earth, be gentle with one another. When disagreements come remember always to protect the spirit of your union. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. So love yourselves, love one another, love all that is your life together and all else will follow."

"Misti, Angel... your marriage today is the official joining of your souls that have already been united as one in your hearts. You both expressed that you have always known this. Misti shared that she always had a feeling because she never had a crush like she did on you. Angel said that he knew he wanted to get married early in the relationship, and he thinks that he has always known that you, Misti, are the one."

Angel & Misti had this to share

about their experience working with me:

“ You made us feel comfortable and excited at the same time. Traveling across the country by ourselves, there were parts that felt intimidating. However, you were so organized and allowed us to feel secure and at ease. You also created a ceremony unique to use, bringing in a sense of spirituality that felt organic and personal to us. After the ceremony was over, in the rush of excitement, you brought us a special drink to toast with. Your kindness and openness to our ideas was such a gift. You made the whole experience personal and exciting, and we would not trade it for the world.”  - Misti & Angel


Haley Nord Photography
Small, wild weddings in the Great American West

“In the days leading up to their elopement day, we monitored the weather and it became obvious it would be stormy on their day. They never once viewed it as an obstacle, but rather were excited to begin their marriage in a desert storm. I loved that every second of the day, even when rainy and windy, they were incredibly happy to be in nature, marrying each other. I loved the weather. It was stormy, and occasionally we could hear thunder in the distance. It was such a dramatic backdrop to their day and felt like the most beautiful symbol of washing clean and starting anew.” - Haley Nord


“We were fortunate enough to work with Haley Nord Photography for our elopement. We would work with Haley a million times over if we could. She was kind, professional, and crafted photography that was organic and awe-inspiring. She made us feel comfortable as we traveled across the country, creating an itinerary and provided information about anything we needed to know including vendors, travel experiences, lodging, and more. She was our guide throughout the day, and the energy she brought was exactly what we needed as she walked us through the greatest experience on our wedding day.” - Misti & Angel

Jenevieve Hubbard of Wild Flora
Sustainable Florist, Wild Events Designer, and Botanical Creative Director.

Jenevieve shared, “ Misti and Angel were such a creative and thoughtful couple. They came to me through their photographer Haley Nord. They were so excited about the beautiful desert location of their wedding and wanted to opt for floral that would compliment the desert landscape in neutral earthen tones and flashes of white.

We selected some really stunning dried things for Misti’s bouquet like Teasel, garden grown Queen Anne's Lace, wild Lunaria and shelf Mushrooms. The bouquet and boutonniere were tied in peace silk by Silk & Willow in a soft gold. Peace Silk is created with non-violent silk breeding and harvesting methods. Essentially the little caterpillar in the silk cocoon is allowed to depart the cocoon and become a moth prior to harvesting and boiling the cocoons for silk. The ribbon is then carefully plant-dyed with organic and sustainably harvested materials to make for a really special final touch to the bouquet. 

I was so thrilled to see the images of this sweet elopement with Angel and Misti both looking so stunning and so happy.”

“Wild Flora crafted our wedding florals and Jenevieve gave us the perfect bouquet and boutonniere for our day. Wild Flora was recommended to us by our trusted photographer, and Jenevieve's floral artistry was a perfect match for our style. It was such a relief to be able to trust Jenevieve's creative direction, and our florals were the perfect detail to the day and photographed so beautifully. We both loved that Wild Flora is ethically sourced, and most of the florals were locally foraged and native to the desert where we got married. Using dried florals easily withstood the desert weather, and still serve as the sweetest souvenir.” - Misti

Nikki Breedlove 
Hair & Makeup Artist

 “Nikki Breedlove was another vendor who came highly recommended from our photographer for hair and makeup. Her portfolio is amazing and she was so accommodating to our schedule for the day, traveling to Moab for us, and showing up right at our hotel room the morning of. She was an overall calming and fun presence to start the day off with, and the hair and makeup was beautiful.” - Angel

Haley shared, “Nikki always nails the undone desert goddess look. Misti looked comfortable and herself, with a wash of golden color on her eyes. Nikki always makes couples feel so comfortable!”