Utah Elopements in Light of COVID-19 Restrictions.

Couples need a way to honor their love and share their vows and promises to each other in marriage, even in the midst of a pandemic where Social Distancing is necessary.

Many people are having to cancel or postpone weddings, it is heartbreaking. I see people are scared. I see the need to hold on to and reaffirm the love we have right now.

I am offering a way for couples to still get married (elope) within the current guidelines the CDC and our national leaders are suggesting. I will make adjustments as things develop, so these services might change in the future. But for now, let's celebrate your love.

You can get a marriage license completely online (no lines, no appointments, from the safety of your own home) through Utah County. This incredible service has been available for about a month, and now it is more valuable than ever!

I am offering my officiating as outlined in my "Informal Elopement" service description. There are a few strict stipulations for this price, they are as follows:

  • No more than 5 people in attendance (couple getting married, 2 witnesses, and 1 photographer, if desired). Also note, I am happy to set up a Zoom link so that multiple people can attend online, AND the ceremony will be recorded! I will expect everyone in attendance to keep 6-10' distancing as currently suggested (except for the couple getting married).

  • Get your marriage license online through Utah County at the link provided, forward the email you receive once it is complete to me. That fee is $70 - paid directly to Utah County when filing for the license. UTAH COUNTY MARRIAGE LICENSE ONLINE

  • You as a couple and up to 3 additional people will come to my area, we will meet and have the ceremony at an outdoor location (I have 3 or 4 places in mind near me) this price is only valid in South Ogden. I will travel to some outdoor locations throughout Utah but will charge slightly more.

  • My fee is $60 - this must be paid in full when you book your ceremony with me, and must not be paid until after you have forwarded me your marriage license link.

  • The ceremony provided is a basic, 5-minute ceremony, with minimal customization, other than basic names, etc. I do share the ceremony in advance, so you can feel comfortable with the ceremony, and I will make minor adjustments to the ceremony if needed.

Please call or text me at 801.821.9727 for more information or to schedule your elopement. I am happy to be here to help and honored to assist you in your commitment to your partner.

Now more than ever we need love. We need to share our love. We need to stick together and help each other out!