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Spiritual & Intentional Desert Elopement

This wedding day is the epitome of having your wedding, your way! It was intimate, intentional, and magical; the perfect way to continue their love story.

Leo and Katherine decided to venture to Southern Utah to elope with only their photographer and officiant. Alex of Forever To The Moon captured the entire day, from sunrise to sunset. In the afternoon they met up with Jenn in Moab, to head to the ceremony location. Follow along from start to finish as we share the beautiful imagery that Alex shared with us, and the inspiring words from their spiritual ceremony.

taking time to become present with themselves, the earth, and their love

They started the day before sunrise at Arches National Park, getting ready together in a pop-up changing tent, amid the desert sage and Entrada sandstone.

The expansive beauty and overwhelming grandeur of the entire Moab area make it such a perfect location to run off and elope (the options in this area are endless... more about that soon!)

Of course, Delicate Arch is iconic and well-known, but when visiting Arches National Park we don't want to overlook some of the similarly epic landscapes found in the park. So along with Alex of Forever To The Moon, this couple made sure to plan the perfect day to embrace their love, their connection with each other, and with nature, while having one hell of an adventure!

On To The Ceremony

close your eyes for a moment as you stand before each other

feel the connection that you have at this moment, in this space…. with each other

the energy flowing between you, and around you

to the earth beneath your feet - and to the sky above you

On this day, I marry my best friend.

The one who shares my life, my love and my dreams.

I give you my hand as I pledge my heart and soul to you.

With all that I am. With all that I have.

-From their ceremony by Jenn Wilde

We incorporated a handfasting ceremony, and blessing of the four directions for their ceremony, as well as a few traditional elements like the exchange of rings.

alone on the edge of the world, standing side by side, Katherine and Leo shared vows

"I stand here today looking into your eyes, and what better day to repeat what I tell you every day? You are the love of my life, you’re the reason I am who I am today and without you, I would be lost." - Leo

"I didn’t care if this day would ever come, because all I cared about was being with you. After almost 14 years together, today, I choose you. Even if it was a 1000 years, I will still choose you."

- Katherine

As the sun dropped below the horizon the sky melted into the canyon below, Leo and Katherine closed their eyes, held each other's hands, and breathed in the pure and intentional moment before them.

After the sunset, Leo and Katherine were not quite ready to end the day (even though it was incredibly chilly!) So along with Alex, they grabbed some lanterns and took one last quick hike before signing their marriage license on the hood of their truck.

And that is the end... Right?

No Way! The moon made a special appearance as we traveled back to Moab, and it was a moment that couldn't be missed! So this crazy crew of Katherine, Leo, Alex with her camera, and Jenn still along for the fun - braved the cold for just a few more photos!

The Sun Has Set On This Day!

The Professionals That Made This Day Epic!


Jenn Brook Wilde - Instagram @wildeheartweddings


Alexandra Amante - Instagram

Couples Lodging

Moab Springs Ranch - Instagram @moabspringsranch

Hair and Makeup:

Angie Evans - Instagram @makeupartist.angela



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