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Skye & Sean


August 2020

Skye & Sean Utah Mountain Elopement

Skye and Sean started their wedding day off in the early morning hours of August 4, 2020. They met their photographer Halie West at 3:00 am to experience the first light of sunrise as they started this new chapter of their lives together.


The mountains of Utah have a special place in Skye’s heart; she and Sean love hiking and snow sports, so Utah was the perfect destination. Halie helped them find the perfect location, Cecret Lake Trailhead in the Wasatch Mountains, to share their vows to each other in private moments by the lake. 


I met up with them a few hours later at the Albion campground for their ceremony. We wandered over to a little patch of dirt near the stream, where the trees soared into the sky, making a cathedral around us, and wildflowers danced in the breeze it felt symbiotic, romantic, and relaxed all at the same time. 


Skye and Sean’s ceremony was short and sweet, but there was no shortage of tears! In fact, I think each of us had a moment during the ceremony when we had to pause before trying to move on with a shaky voice and a tear making its way down our cheek. 

When I asked them to join hands near the beginning of the ceremony I could immediately feel the love between them, and had a vision of them in 50 years, with the same adoring look in their eyes for each other. They have a special connection that can be felt in their presence, it is definitely a one-of-a-kind love.


A Perfect Day...

“We were originally disappointed that we had to postpone our big wedding due to COVID-19. However, after eloping we now see it as a blessing in disguise. It felt so much more special and intimate to follow our own timeline throughout the day. The day seemed like it was truly for us and no one else. We can honestly say we did not have a care in the world that day. We could spontaneously dance in the meadows and cry our eyes out to private vows by the lake. We would not change a thing about this perfect day.” - Skye


"It felt so easy and comfortable to work with you. Sean is normally a very shy and introverted person and he even felt at ease with you as our officiant. The pre-made vows were absolutely perfect and we both felt such a connection with them that we did not even need to change a word. They were so moving and beautiful." Skye

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“Jenn brought me to tears with her words and her passion for folks in love. She was so incredibly kind, thoughtful, and helpful during my planning process. I truly enjoyed working with her because she is such a genuine and caring person.”  - Halie West, Adventure Photographer

Introducing Halie West - Photography


Hey there, I'm Halie of Halie West Photography. I'm an avid adventurer located in Salt Lake City Utah. I enjoy climbing the red rock of Moab, skiing the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, and hiking across any landscape that I can. I aim to do what makes me feel most alive. Creating unique experiences for others allows me to fulfill that while giving my clients a way to feel most alive too.

“Watching Skye and Sean explore a new place that meant a lot to me and was my favorite part of the day. We got to see the sun come up together, marvel over the beauty of the mountains and the lake, and explore alongside fields of wildflowers.” 

- Halie


Introducing The Petal Coop - Florals


"I wanted a simple flower crown and bouquet. I messaged them only a few weeks before the elopement day and they were so easy to work with. The flowers were absolutely perfect. Sometimes I would get distracted staring at them instead of smiling at the camera!"  - Skye

​​"I love the beautiful and vibrant bouquets that Natalie creates. They pop against the landscape so nicely."  - Halie 

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