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I want to make sure you know 100% what to expect when working with me, so right away I provide this timeline and answer a few questions in advance.

Everything is in "countdown" format, so leading up to your wedding day here is the communication you can expect from me by the way of reminders, milestones announcements, monthly check-ins, and strict deadlines. 

And of course, if you want we can start working on anything earlier than listed here!


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Within a week of booking - Getting Started
  • I will send you the link to the google folder that will have all of the files and details pertaining to your wedding ceremony. 

    • In this folder, you will find the main document we will be working on for your ceremony. At the top of the document is a place for ALL the details (outline, vendor info, etc.) as well as a few notes and questions that I will have later in the planning process, so you can start making decisions for the flow of your ceremony. 


Days 400 - 150
I am here for referrals and to answer all your questions! 
  • There is not much that we need to cover during this time. However, if you want to start on anything sooner than outlined, I am totally down, just let me know. I do like to have our initial meeting around 150 days prior to the ceremony. And I will check in via email or text to see how the planning is going.


Days 150-100
Getting to know each other & start working on your vows!
  • 120 Days - Expect a separate email to each of you with a questionnaire that I like you to fill out so I can get to know you and know more about your love story so your wedding ceremony can be just as unique as your love. 

    • Also, it is time to start thinking about vows, especially if you are writing your own. When I send out the questionnaire, I also share some ideas via a link to a webpage to get you started.

  • 100 Days - Deadline for the "Tell me about you and your love story" questionnaire to be completed


Days 100-50
It is getting real… it is time to finalize the details!
  • 100 days -  It is time to make decisions and changes to your ceremony, and plan our next meeting (at 90-75 days)

    • Let’s set up a meeting time, to review all things ceremony-related; I send you a link to schedule this at your convenience.

    • Time to think about all the details!  (Remember to fill in the outline section of the ceremony document)

  • 60 Days - Ceremony will be basically finished at this point.

    • Deadline to have input on the rough draft of the ceremony; also have each sent me a rough draft of your vows.

    • Deadline for me to have the first version of the personalization back to each of you.


Days 50-30
Communication is key!
  • 50 days - Milestone check-in, by this time we will have had at least one meeting, & know all about each other's pets!

  • 30 days - I send an email with instructions on how, where, and when to get your marriage license. 

Days 30 - 15
You will be so glad that you have me in your corner!
  • 30 days - I will reach out to schedule a final meeting (this meeting will be 1-2 weeks from the ceremony)

  • 21 days - Follow-up on all the details of the ceremony (ceremony music, vendors, timeline, processional order, etc.)

  • 15 days - Deadline for the final approval on the ceremony and personalization. At this time I have you read through it one last time, and let me know via email or text that it is approved.

  • 15 days - Deadline for vows to be finalized. Now, you can write them in vow books, or just relax knowing I will have them printed for you and ready to go on your wedding day. Also, a check-in to make sure you have gotten your marriage license. 

Days 15 - 5
All the last-minute details!
  • 15 days - Our final meeting will be scheduled to take place within the next week. That is when we make sure everything is on track and perfect for your wedding day!

  • 10 days - Reach out to other vendors and introduce myself (if I have not done so already)

  • 7 days - Reminder email with a checklist of things to remember on your wedding day.

Days 5 - 1  
The final stretch...
  • 5 days - Relax, take a deep breath. It is almost time to marry the love of your life!

  • 1 day - I send a day before the wedding check-in (usually text) just to see how you are and if you need anything at all... vent? good vibes sent? whatever it is, I've got you!

Wedding Day   Here we go - Let's get you married!
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