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The ceremony we create for your wedding day will be just as unique as your love story!

There are multiple facets to a great wedding or elopement ceremony, I break each section down for you and give options for customizing those parts.

We will also look at adding personal touches to your ceremony by adding additional ceremony ideas (Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, Handfasting Etc.) as well as readings, poems and prayers if you so choose to any ceremony.

If you opted for the "Your Love Your Way" ceremony, there is an added element of personalization by sharing your love story and more about you as a couple.

So many things you never considered, right? NO WORRIES. I am here to guide you and I am thrilled to be helping you celebrate your love, your way!

Let's Get Started!

Kyra and Jake Wedding-582.jpg

There are 3 main sections to your wedding ceremony that we start with customizing, they are the Declaration of Intent, Vows and Ring Exchange.

The next section, we will go over what each of those mean in-depth, and look at options. Click the link below!


Many couples want to add a handfasting or other symbolic ceremony to (or in place of) the traditional wedding ceremony.

This is the place to get creative, and fully make your ceremony everything you want it to be. 

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