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Utah marriage licenses are issued by the offices of the County Clerks. Each county has a bit different fees, identification requirements, office hours, etc. so please check the counties' website (see the links below) for more specific information.


It is the responsibility of the bride & groom to obtain the marriage license, and you must obtain it within 30 days of the date you will be married. It is valid for 30 days from the date you obtain it at the county clerks office.

Most counties require you to come in-person with your partner to obtain a marriage license, however, some can be done either partially or completely online.


Important Things To Keep In Mind

When getting married in Utah, you can get your marriage license through any county office (Salt Lake, Grande, Cache, Davis, Utah, etc.) in Utah, no matter where you live or choose to have the ceremony. Example: You Live in Weber County, get the license through Utah County, and get married in Grand County!

At this time, Utah County is the only county that will offer a marriage license completely online, and it is super easy and convenient. You and your spouse fill out the online form together, submit photos of identification etc., and they send you a confirmation, and you send it to your officiant to complete on your wedding day.

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