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Elope - but skip the courthouse!  These spots are perfect for a simple ceremony with just yourself and your witnesses
Weber County  {Ogden & Surrounding Area}


Beus Pond

This is easy to access, in Ogden, Utah - There is a walking track that runs through the area, so there and be quite a bit of foot traffic, but there are multiple spots that are nice and slightly secluded from the trail to have a small ceremony. 


Shady Lane Park

This is a cute little area. Very nice with a lot of shade and plenty of area for a few people


Old Snowbasin Road

Easy access, several great spots to have a small ceremony


Pineview Reservoir - Middle Inlet

No shade, but easy beach access. It gets really busy on the weekends, so I highly suggest a sunrise ceremony if you choose this location (fewer boats in the area)


South Skyline Trail

I have not been to this location in years, planning to check it out!


Davis County  {Layton & Surrounding Area}


Fernwood Area

Link to Photos >>>


Great Salt Lake Shoreland Preserve

Link to Photos >>>


Antelope Island     (This is near, the spot that I love!)

Link to Photos >>>


Farmington Pond - Upper Trail

Cache & Box Elder County


Mendon - Trail Head

Link to photos >>>


Box Elder Campground

Link to Photos >>>


Salt Lake City 


Joan M. Hurdle Memorial Park -

Link to Photos >>>>

I was recently at this location and I love it for a small elopement ceremony! There is ample parking, and the walk to the best ceremony spot is short. There are a couple of areas that would be great. 


Big Cottonwood Canyon - Spruces Campground

Link to Photos >>>

There are so many more spots in this area that would be perfect for an elopement!


Big Cottonwood Canyon - Silver Lake

I will have photos of this area in a few weeks, It has been almost a year since I was there. 


Big Cottonwood Canyon - Storm Mountain Area


Little Cottonwood Canyon -  Albion Basin Campground

Link to a video clip from an elopement ceremony that was performed in the campground.   I don’t have any great images of the area, I was there for an elopement last year, we reserved a camping spot and had it there, and it was perfect. 


Park City Area


Church of Dirt -

Link to photos >>>

This is a fun location, you will need to go to the area, ook to reserve your date and time - additionally, there is an area where you leave a souvenir (rock, stick, anything...) with your names and wedding date!


Rotary Park -

No photos - I have not been to a wedding there in a couple of years, but there are plenty of amazing spots to have a ceremony.


Within a few hours of Salt Lake  {Epic & Different}


Bonneville Salt Flats

1.5 hours from Salt Lake

NOTE: you need to get a permit to have a ceremony at this location, ask me for the details!


Spiral Jetty

Link to Photos >>>

2.25 hours from Salt Lake

This is in a remote area, depending on the time of year, high clearance might be suggested. The pictures speak for themselves. The water level fluctuates, sometimes I have been there that the jetty is partially surrounded by water, others it is not. Still amazing. 


The Wedge Overlook - Little Grand Canyon

Link to photos >>>

3 hours from Salt Lake

This spot is accessible by any vehicle, it is slightly remote (dirt roads in the final portion of the drive) To access the overlook, there is only a short walk, and there are multiple locations along the canyon rim that makes for an incredible backdrop for a small wedding or elopement. 


The Sun Tunnels

Link to Photos >>>

3 hours from Salt Lake City

This spot is amazing on or near the Summer (and Winter) Solstice. The summer solstice is in June, Winter is December - I don’t really suggest this location in the winter, it could be more difficult to reach depending on the weather. What makes it epic on those dates, is the sun lines up with the tunnels at sunrise and sunset.

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