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Kelsey & Blake Dead Horse Point Elopement

“May your love like a river cut through any obstacles that may try to impede your way forward; just like the river may your love flow with grace, ease, and without end. “

Kelsey and Blake are an unstoppable team. They live a nomadic life working together and traveling with their two pups. We all met up with their photographer, Maggie Grace on a windy afternoon in the desert. No one let the weather impede the plan that was sure to make for the perfect wedding day.

I have heard that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck; who doesn't love that? Desert rainstorms are no exception, in fact, this particular storm is one I will never forget. There are not quite words to describe how incredible those moments were.

Seeing a couple devoted to each other, absolutely in love, and filled with complete joy is something I will never stop being in awe of. In fact, I think I am the one that has never-ending luck (rain or not) because these epic moments with incredible humans are commonplace!

When Kelsey called me to inquire if I was available in a few weeks for an elopement in Moab, we instantly connected. I knew it would be the perfect fit. In the days leading up to the ceremony, the weather turned and a cold front moved into Utah, along with a pretty gnarly windstorm. It was a rainy, chilly evening in the desert, but that didn’t stop us.

Just before sunset, we all met at Dead Horse Point. Kelsey and Blake with their two pups, Nyla and Remi; their photographer Maggie Grace, and my daughter and husband. I brought my daughter along to help out with the doggos while I was performing the ceremony, and my husband, Garrett was there to be an additional witness, and to video the ceremony.

We set out to find the perfect cliffside spot for their ceremony. The bride was bundled in a blanket, myself in a sweater as we walked to the ledge to get started. As we began the ceremony, the wind died down, and the rain stopped.

The clouds cleared a bit. The sun shined through creating an epic backdrop as Kelsey and Blake shared promises of a life of adventure, love, and laughter with each other.

The feeling of love was so intense, we all had tears before we even started. Then as they shared their vows and promises of epic adventure, travel, and love and support I looked on in awe, realizing how perfect they are for each other!

Love & Simplicity

​ When asked what her favorite part of the day was, she shared: “The simplicity of the day! With such an intimate wedding, we didn't have any stress and were able to enjoy every minute. We were able to spend the entire day doing exactly what we wanted and we even made homemade pizza in our camper while getting ready for our ceremony.” - Kelsey

Working With Jenn

What was your favorite part about working with Jenn?

“Your availability, calm demeanor, and ability to capture who we are in the ceremony you put together. Also, you and your daughters help with our pups during the ceremony was amazing!” - Kelsey

Introducing Maggie Grace Photography

We were fortunate enough to have Maggie Grace as our photographer, she truly works magic. She is beyond creative, directs yet lets you be yourself, and promotes a fun and energetic day. Since eloping is less about the venue, dinner, guests, etc., your elopement photographer is a huge part of your day and all the planning leading up to it. Maggie was a huge part of making our day perfect!

About Maggie Grace (from her website) I love crafting a personal experience that is unique to who you are because no two couples or wedding days are the same. I work with rad couples who want to eat pizza and hang out in beautiful places to create meaningful photos that reflect your story authentically.

Ceremony Clip - From Wilde Moon Imagery

“ We love the desert! For us, there aren’t many things more beautiful than red rocks, funky rock formations, epic sunsets, and ample boondocking spots. We wanted a dramatic backdrop since we were not having any decorations, so Moab, specifically Dead Horse State Park, really drew us in. Lastly, we wanted to be far enough from home to make for a fun road/camping trip, but close enough to be able to come back to explore and reminisce on our magical day.” - Kelsey


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Jun 18, 2021

A dream location! True love always makes moments more magical - congrats to Kelsey and Blake!


Jun 18, 2021

I'm with you! Being around couples that are truly devoted to each other and just being arounf their love is also so inspiring. We are so lucky to do what we do. Thank you for sharing their special day.


Jun 18, 2021

I was just there, and you captured the true beauty of it so well. It poured rain on my wedding day in the desert, too! Beautiful photos!


Unknown member
Jun 17, 2021


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