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Devin & Amanda's Salt Lake City Backyard Wedding | Simple, Intentional & Elegant

Salt Lake City Backyard Wedding

Simple, Intentional, and Elegant - Those 3 words encompass Amanda & Devin’s wedding day (if I had to just choose 3 words) However, those who know me, know I rarely have that little to say, so even though the amazing photos by Tai Lee Photography do speak for themselves. I want to share a bit of this love story because even though we are coming up on their 2 year anniversary I still think of this wedding often.

I don't think people generally associate a wedding where dogs are the guests of honor, as elegant. Often weddings are all about the grandeur, the richness of it all, the traditions, the cake, the garter, and a 100+ guest list… just look in any wedding magazine and you will see a list of amazing trends, epic portraits to share on Instagram and a lavish celebration following a ceremony that likely was not at the top of the priority list when planning the big day.

To me, elegance is closely aligned with intention. Meaning the intentional moments, like the way they hold the rings in their shaking hands as I talk about the significance of the circle, signing the marriage license with their mothers, having their puppets, Hoku (aka Mr. Wiener) be the ring bearer, and every single tender embrace with the people they love most.

All of these moments give way to elegant photographs that are timeless, intentional, and simple.

Working With Jenn

What was your favorite part about working with Jenn?

Salt Lake City Backyard Wedding

Jenn was amazing to work with. From our first meeting with her, to the ceremony, and the continued communication with her afterwards — we can’t say enough about how much we appreciate her! Our wedding was a very small and very intimate setting in our own backyard—but not once did it feel like we had a stranger in our home with Jenn. She created a ceremony that was incredibly special to us and something we will always remember.- Amanda

Utah's Best Wedding Officiant

You have such a cool vibe and really see your clients and make an effort to personally connect with them. Your words spoken felt meaningful and special just for the couple, and you were really easy to chat with and connect with, which is SO important in the wedding industry.- Tai Lee

Utah Marriage License

Woman Wedding Officiant

Introducing Tai Lee Photography

About Tai Lee Photography I am a wedding and family photographer located in Northern Utah, and travel throughout various areas of the state and within the US to document people's love and connection. I like to combine both film and digital photography to create beautiful imagery for my clients. I help couples and families feel comfortable in front of the camera with guided posing, as well as observation to create natural, candid photos that become their memories.

Urban Wedding Ceremony at Home

Amanda shared this about working with Tai Lee:

“She was absolutely incredible. The pictures she took were stunning and she managed to capture all the emotions we all felt that day. She snapped some of our all-time favorites of our dogs, too—which was a huge plus for us!!

Salt Lake City Backyard Wedding

Tai Lee, what did you enjoy about photographing this wedding?

“I loved seeing Amanda and Devin focus on what was really meaningful to them, and it was the two of them, their family, and their dogs. They kept things simple and focused on just enjoying each other and celebrating their union and entering a new chapter in their lives after moving to Utah and buying a home together.”

"It was an honor working together with you for Amanda and Devin to help them enjoy such a meaningful day in their lives, and to be part of creating some beautiful memories for them."

This was my first time working with Tai Lee, and when meeting her I was instantly drawn in. She has an unassuming and peaceful presence, that brings comfort to those around her almost instantly. I was blown away when she shared the gallery with me about a month after the ceremony, not only because she remembered me, but also at the images. So thoughtful, artistic, and filled with the feeling of the moments! The next few images are a few of my personal favorites!

Wedding Ceremony

How To Reach Tai Lee Photography

Added bonus: Tai Lee posted a blog about this same wedding on her own site,

and shared a bit about me, so make sure to go check that out as well!

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Thanks so much for your kind words! It always means a lot to have another vendor speak highly of you! Fingers crossed we get to work together again soon!

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